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Canephora & Me



Stephen is on the left ;-)

Our original bastard, Stephen Leach discovered his love for coffee later in life and it was love at first sip. He believes that the drinking of coffee (canephora) can be an art form, one that when done properly can open a whole new sensory experience. Stephen is now a qualified coffee taster (or Q Grader) and loves to play with coffee notes and foods.

The BB coffee shop is his way of sharing with you this passion and taste experience.

Did you know that in the 1600s, coffee houses were known as penny universities? This was because, for just the cost of a cup of coffee, you could gain access to enlightened, intellectual discussions and, critically, sober debate.


And similarly, at Bastard Barista, we're not about attracting crowds; we're looking for the worthy; those

who truly love coffee and want to experience a memorable imbibement. The experience of food and coffee pairing is experimental, unorthodox, and occasionally eccentric; just how taste should be. Twinned with an environment that's warm and welcoming to stimulate conversation from those willing to challenge the norms.


Coffee & Pairings

Perfect unions for everyday.

We want your visit to be an experience and that's why every day we seek to find the perfect union of sweet and savoury accompaniments to our coffee heaven. We buy locally using only the best ingredients of flora and fauna for your taste sensation... Our food is designed to emphasise and compliment our range of coffees and teas and our Baristas will happily guide you through the week's seasonal marriages


“Todays good mood is sponsored by Coffee.” 

- Stephen Leach -


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Our Beans


The Explorer gets its unique flavour from the 3 different beans. Nicaragua forms the body of our Espresso and provides the nuttiness; Ethiopia provides the light fruitiness; and Colombia smooths out any harsh edges. This leaves our Explorer Blend with perfectly balanced taste notes of nuts and raisins. 

Our Nicaraguan Nueva Segovia is a high quality coffee coming from the region of Dipilto. The Farmers in this region are quality conscious and utilise the rich soils in this region to ensure the quality of their beans is of the highest standard. 

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